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Von Ignaz Staub, 28.07.2020

Berichte in angelsächsischen Medien, ausgewählt von Ignaz Staub.

«The New York Times»: «Germany: Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’» by Katrin Bennhold

«The New York Times»: «Nonfiction: Why the Working Classs Votes Against Its Own Economic Interests» by Jeff Madrick

«The New York Times»: «Talking to the Dead in the Sunshine State» by Sarah Gerard

«The New York Times»: «The Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue» by Paul Krugman

«The New York Times»: «In Trumpworld, the Grown-Ups in the Room All Left, and Got Book Deals» by Sarah Lyall

«The New York Times»: «Why Is Hillary Clinton So Hated?» by Noreen Malone

«The New York Times»: «A Friendship, a Pandemic and a Death Beside the Highway» by Basharat Peer

«The New York Times» : «Time for a Literary Road Trip» by Noor Qasim

«The New York Times»: «Trilobites: Can Trees Live Forever?» by Cara Giaimo

«The New York Times»: «How Do You Know a Human Wrote This?» by Farhad Manjoo

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Letter of Recommendation: The Lure of Other People’s Photos» by Bill Shapiro

«The New York Magazine»: «Inside the Iraqi Cleptocracy» by Robert F. Worth

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Mysterious Life of Birds Who Never Come Down » by Helen Macdonald

«The New Yorker»: «Dept. Of Law Enforcement: How Police Unions Fight Reform» by William Finnegan

«The New Yorker»: «Rethinking the Science of Skin» by Brooke Jarvis

«The New Yorker»: «The Cold War Bunker That Became Home to a Dark-Web Empire» by Ed Caesar

«The New Yorker»: «Homeland Security Was Destined to Become a Secret Police Force» by Masha Gessen

«The New Yorker»: «How the Simulatics Corporation Invented the Future» by Jill Lepore

«The New York Review of Books»: «Less Punishment, More Justice» by David Cole

«The New York Review of Books»: «Eric Hobsbawm: Clear, Inclusiv, Lasting» by Mark Mazower

«The New York Review of Books»: «A Brief History of Dangerous Others» by Richard Kreitner & Rick Perlstein

«The Guardian»: «Can Germany now hold the European team together?» by Timothy Garton Ash

«The Guardian»: «The long read - America’s ‘untouchables’: the silent power of the caste system» by Isabel Wilkerson

«The Guardian»: «’I failed my fellow Americans’: the white women defecting from Trump» by Adam Gabbatt

«The Guardian»: «’They need voters’: QAnon is finding a home on the Republican Party» by Adam Gabbatt

«The Guardian»: «’I can see the despair in their faces’: Lebanon’s economy unravels» by Martin Chulov (text) & Achilleas Zavallis (photographs)

«The Guardian»: «The long read – ‘We could see this tsunami of people coming’: inside the secret world of intensive care» by Sarah Whitehead

«The Guardian»: «MacKenzie Scott: more money than she can count and glad to give it away» by Rebecca Nicholson

«The Guardian»: «Zoom: Inside the world’s favourite video app» by Martin Lamont

«The Observer»: «A word into your ear…the rise of audiobooks is a story worth celebrating» by Alex Preston

«The Observer»: «Gaddafi’s prophecy come true as foreign powers battler for Libya’s oil» by beth McKernan

«The Washington Post»: «Americans are suffering. Trump offers them a doctor who warns of sex with demons» David van Drehle

«The Washington Post»: «The latest trend among wealthy American travelers? Buying another country’s citizenship» by Natalie B. Compton

«Outside»: «My Midlife Crisis as a Russian Sailor» by Andrea Pitzner

«The Atlantic»: «China AI Is Creating an Axis of Autocracy» by Ross Anderson

«The Atlantic»: «Barack Obama’s Eulogy for John Lewis» by Barack Obama

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«The Guardian»: «If you’re not terrified by Facdebook, you haven’t been paying attention» by Carol Cadwalladr

«The Guardian»: «Yaël Eisenstadt: ‘ Facebook is ripe for manipulation and viral misinformation’» by Ian Tucker

«The Guardian»: «Trump can’t shift public attention from Coronavirus to the streets of America» by Robert Reich

«The Guardian»: «20 must-see documentaries to explain the world in 2020» by Guy Lodge

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Is Kanye West seriously running for president?»

«The Guardian»: «The loneliest road trip: travels through an empty America – in pictures» by Arnaud Montagard

«The Guardian»: «How coronavirus is reshaping Europe’s tourism hotspots» by Stephen Burger & Angela Giufridda

«The Guardian»: «Heads up! Inside the year’s best photobooks – in pictures»

«The Atlantic»: «Trump Is Determined to Split the Country in Two» by Ron Brownstein

«The Atlantic»: «Donald Trump Is a Broken Man» by Peter Wehner

«The Atlantic»: «The Prophecies of Q» by Adrienne LaFrance

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Technology: How a Star Professor Built a Distance-Learning Empire» by Eren Orbey

«The New Yorker»: «Medical Dispatch: Three Ways of Looking at Children and the Coronovirus» by Rachel Person

«The New Yorker»: «The Rise and Fall of Cesar Chavez» by Nathan Heller

«The New Yorker»: «John Lewis’s Legacy and America’s Redemption» by David Remnick

«The New Yorker»: «Trump’s Mental Health Is a Test for America» by Susan B. Glasser

«The New York Times»: «America Looks Hopelessly Broke. It Isn’t» by Farhad Manjoo

«The New York Times»: «When China Met Iran» by Michael Singh

«The New York Times»: «Coronavirus Threatens the Luster of Superstar Cities» by Eduardo Porter

«The New York Times»: «‘Putin’s People’ Documents the Ruthless and Relentless Reach of Kremlin Corruption» by Jennifer Szalai

«The New York Times»: «The Great Au Pair Rush » by Jordan Salama

«The New York Times»: «Elon Musk, Blasting Off in Domestic Bliss» by Maureen Dowd

«The New York Times»: «Why Can’t Trump’s America Be Like Italy?» by Paul Krugman

«The New York Times»: «’Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV’ Didn’t Mean What Trump Hoped It Would» by Peter Baker

«The New York Times»: «American Catastrophe Through German Eyes» by Roger Cohen

«The New York Times»: «Gobal Warming Is Driving Polar Bears Toward Extinction» by Henry Fountain

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Teenagers at the End of the World» by Brooke Jarvis

«The New York Times Magazine»: «What’s Going On Inside the Fearsome Thunderstorms of Córdoba Province?» by Noah Gallagher Shannon

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Learning from the Kariba Dam» by Namwall Serpell

«ProPublica»: «Climate Change: Where Will Everyone Go?» by Abrahm Lustgarten (text) & Meridith Kohut (photographs)

«The Washington Post»: «American exceptionalism was our preexisting condition» by Dan Zak

«The Washington Post»: «‘We Can’t Go Back to Normal’» by The Washington Post Staff

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «Designing to Survive» by Philip Kennicott

«The Intercept»: «Weak State: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Exposed America’s Dysfunctional Democracy»

«Columbia Journalism Review»: «What John Lewis Can Teach the Press» by Jon Allsop

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«The New Yorker»: «How Can the Press Best Serve a Democratic Society?» by Michael Luo

«The New Yorker»: «How Pandemics Wreak Havoc – and Open Minds» by Lawrence Wright

«The New Yorker»: «The High-Finance Mogul in Charge of Our Economic Recovery» by Sheelah Kolhatkar

«The New Yorker»: «The Innovation of the Police» by Jill Lepore

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Technology: Planning a Space Mission» by  David W. Brown

«The New Yorker»: «What Is Distance Learning For?» by Keith Gessen

«The New York Times»: «John Lewis, Towering Figure of Civil Rights Era, Dies at 80» by Katharaine Q. Seelye

«The New York Times»: «John Lewis Risked His Life for Justice» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «While America Looks Away, Autocrats Crack Down on Digital News Sites» by Ben Smith

«The New York Times»: «Are We Overreacting to Climate Change?» by Joseph Stieglitz

«The New York Times»: «Battle in the Himalayas» by Jin Wu & Steven Lee Myers

«The New York Times»: «How the United Arab Emirates Sets Its Sights on Mars» by Kenneth Chang

«The New York Times»: «10 Theses About Cancel Culture» by Ross Douthat

«The New York Times»: «Even If the Polls Are Really Off, President Rump Is Still in Trouble» by Nate Cohn

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Oliver Stone Thinks Hollywood Has Gone Crazy» by David Marchese

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Colin Powell Still Wants Answers» by Robert Draper

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Why We’re Losing the Battle With Covid-19» by Jeneen Interlandi

«Foreign Affairs»: «Is China Done Bidding Its Time?» by Kurt M. Campell & Mira Rapp-Hooper

«Foreign Affairs»: «The Pandemic’s Toll on Women» by Melinda Gates

«The Guardian»: «Boris Johnson knows how to win. To survive a second year he must learn to govern» by Stephen Busch

«The Guardian»: «The long read - ‘Mama Boko Haram’: one woman’s extraordinary mission to rescue ‘her boys’ from terrorism» by Chikah Oduah

«The Guardian»: «The Long read – how Nespresso’s coffee revolution got ground down» by Ed Cumming

«The Guardian»: «The long read - Bild, Merkel and the culture wars: the inside story of Germany’s biggest tabloid» by Thomas Meany

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Who is Ghislaine Maxwell and does she hold the key to justice for Epstein’s victims?» 

«The Guardian»: «Culture in the Third Reich by Moritz Föllmer review – when fascism stole the show» by Anne McElvoy

«The Guardian»: «Artlords, not warlords – how Kabul’s artistst battle for the streets» by Steanie Glinski

«The Guardian»: «New horizons: the living landscapes of Don McCullin»

«The Guardian»: «Future faces: meet the next generation of Magnum photographers» by Yael Martinez

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: The end of tourism?»

«The Guardian»: «’The guy stinks and he’s a racist’: Anthony Scaramucci on Donald Trump» by David Smith

«The Guardian»: «Eight go mad in Arizona: how a lockdown experiment went horribly wrong» by Steve Rose

«The Washington Post»: «President Trump has made more than 20'000 false or misleading statements» by Glen Kessler, Salavator Rizzo & Meg Kelly

«The Washington Post»: «The weird masculinity of Donald Trump» by Monica Hesse

«Rolling Stone»: «The Plot Against America. The GOP’s Plan to Suppress the Vote and Sabotage the Election» by Andy Kroll

«The Intercept»: «Political Correctness Is Destroying America (Just Not How You Think» by Jon Schwatz

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«The Guardian»: «Genocide denials gain ground 25 years after Srrenica massacre» by Shaun Walker

«The Guardian»: «I prosecuted Srebrenica war criminals, but others are still walking free» by Serge Brammertz

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: What would annexation of parts of the Westbank mean for Palestinians?»

«The Guardian»: «China’s Great Firewall descends on internet users» by Lily Kuo

«The Guardian»: «Hagia Sophia is too complex for Erdogan’s cleansing» by Kenan Malik

«The Guardian»: « ‘We don’t want her to be remebered as a victim’: Kim Wall’s parents on telling her story» by Caterina Clerici

«The Guardian»: «Rowling, Rushdie and Atwood warn against ‘intolerance’ in open letter» by Alison Flood

«The Guardian»: «Is free speech under threat from ‘cancel culture’? Four witers respond» by Nesrine Malik, Jonathan Freedland, Zoe Williams & Samuel Moyn

«The Guardian: «Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech was a grim reminder of his re-election stategy» by Nathan Robinson

«The Guardian»: «The future of food: inside the world’s largest urban farm – built on a rooftop» by Jon Henley

«The Guardian»: «Young at heart: a journey into America’s subconscious – in pictures » by George Elsasser

«The Guardian»: «Adored like Ali: Why Roger Federer is the champion of the world – in a tiebreak» by Kevin Mitchell

«The Guardian»: «Top 10 books about tumultuous times» by Matthew Knealy

«The Observer»: «’His hatred is infectious’: Tucker Carlson, Trump’s heir apparent und 2024 candidate?» by Tom McCarthy

«The Observer»: «Interview – Anne Applebaum: How my old friends paved the way for Trump and Brexit» by Nick Cohen

«The New Yorker»: «Trump, Twitter, Facebook, and the Future of Online Speak» by Anna Wiener

«The New Yorker»: «The Future of Democracy : Can Our Ballots Both Be Secret and Secure?» by Sue Halpern

«The New York Times»: «Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Know What Patriotism Is» by Tammy Duckworth

«The New York Times»: «The Last Reporter in Town Had One Question for his Rich Boss» by Dan Barry & Haruka Sakaguchi (photographs and video)

«The New York Times» : «Erdogan Signs Decree Allowing Hagia Sophia to Be Used as a Mosque Again » by Carlotta Gall

«The New York Times»: «It’s 2022. What Does Life Look Like?» by David Leonhard

«The New York Times»: «In Latin America, the Pandemic Threatens Equality Like Never Before» by Julie Turkewitz, Sofia Villamil (text) & Frederico Rios (photographs)

«The New York Times»: «How the Coronavirus Has Changed Air Travel: A Visual Diary of a Flight» by Moris Moreno

«The New York Times»: «The Inside Story of Why Mary Trump Wrote a Tell-All Memoir» by Alan Feuer, Michael Rothfeld & Maggie Haberman

«The New York Times»: «How America Lost the War on Covid-19» by Paul Krugman

«The New York Times»: «America Needs Some Repairs. Here’s Where to Start» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Fiction: When Reality Is Surreal, Only Fiction Can Make Sense of It» by several authors

«The New York Review of Books»: «The Scandal of Our Drug Supply » by Daniel J. Kevles

«The New York Review of Books»: «How to Fix Child Poverty» by Jason DeParle

«The Baffler»: «Waste Away: Beirut’s broken sewage sytem » by Lina Mounzer

«The Washington Post»: «Within the Taliban, clashing views of Afghanistan’s future» by Suzanna George & Aziz Tassal

«The Washington Post»: «Nine black artists reflect on the question : ‘Is America at a point of reckoning?’» by Washington Post Staff

«The Washington Post»: «What is ‘good photography’?» by Kenneth Dickerman

«The Washington Post»: «Photography: Surviving on, and maybe losing, a contested land» by Kobi Wolf

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «Goodbye to the Hometown Paper» by Margaret Sullivan

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«The New York Times»: «Three Words. 70 Cases. The Tragic History of ‘I Can’t Breathe’» by Mike Baker, Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Manny Fernandez & Michael LaForgia

«The New York Times»: «The National Humiliation We Need» by David Brooks

«The New York Times»: «Biden’s Best Veep Pick Is Obvious» by Frank Bruni

«The New York Times»: «Is Trump Toast?» by Frank Bruni

«The New York Times»: «Here Come the 4 Horsemen of the Techololypse» by Kara Swisher

«The New York Times»: «World War C» by Paul Krugman

«The New York Times»: «The World Build a Wall to Keep America Out» by Farhad Manjoo

«The New York Times»: «Trump’s Napalm Politics? They Began with Newt» by Jennifer Senior

«The New York Times»: «As Domestic Abuse Rises, U.K. Failings Leave Victims in Peril» by Amanda Taub & Jane Bradley

«The New York Times»: «Hong Kong Opens Door to China’s Hulking Security State» by Chris Buckely

«The New York Times»: «Trial of 20 Saudis in Kashgoggi Killing Opens in Turkey» by Carlotta Gall

«The New York Times»: «Boris Johnson’s  ‘Global Britain’: Inspired Vision or Wishful Thinking» by Mark Landler

«The New York Times»: «Angela Madsen, Paralympian Rower», Dies on Solo Pacifc Voyage at 60» by Katherine Q. Seelye

«The New York Times»: «Nonfiction: What Keeps America Divided?» by Franklin Foer

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Two Wealthy Sri Lankan Brothers Became Suicide Bombers. But Why?» by Samanth Subramanian

«The New York Times Magazine»: «America’s Enduring Caste System» by Isabel Wilkerson

«The New Yorker»: «The Political Scene: Why the Mueller Investigation Failed» by Jeffrey Toobin

«The New Yorker»: «A Reporter At Large: How Prosperity Transformed the Falklands» by Larissa MacFarquhar

«The New Yorker»: «A Critic At Large: The Unruly Genius of Joyce Carol Oates» by Leo Robson

«The New Yorker»: «Postscipt: Milton Glaser Made You Look Once, Think Twice» by Kyle Chayka

«The New Yorker»: «The Death of a Lost Cause» by David W. Blight

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Science: The Rabbit Outbreak» by Susan Orlean

«The New York Review of Books»: «Israel’s Annexation Plan, a New Era in Palestinian Resistance» by Tarek Baconi

«The New York Review of Books»: «America’s Worst Leader Ever» by David Rothkopf

«The New York Review of Books»: «He Made Stone Speak» by Ingrid D. Rowland

«The Atlantic»: «Do Americans Understand How Badly They’re Doing?» by Thomas Chatterton Williams

«Vanity Fair»: «’Is that you, Ghislaine?’: Inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s life on the lam» by Mark Seal

«The Guardian»: «Hongkongers on China’s crackdown : ‘I feel helpless and hopeless» by Lily Kuo & Rachel Obardo

«The Guardian»: «’It's a constant barrage of hate: how Trump sparks heated clashes in Florida resort» by Richard Luscombe

«The Guardian»: «Letter from Italy: This pandemic is showing us who we really are» by Francesca Melandri

«The Guardian»: «The long read – What wrong with Whatsapp» by William Davies

«The Guardian»: «Can journalism focus on the stories that matter?» by Mark Hertsgaard & Kyle Pope

«The Observer»: «Srebrenica 25 years on: how the world lsot its appetite to fight war crimes» by Jualian Borger

«The Observer»: «The new age of the queue» by Richard Godwin

«The Observer»: «Joe Biden’s lackluster presidential camapaign» by Oberserver editorial

«The Observer»: «High society to hideaway arrest: Ghislaine Maxwell’s dramatic fall» by Edward Helmore & Mark Townsend

«The Washington Post»: «Five myths about free speech» by Suzanne Nossel

«CNN»: «The Real Russia Hoax» by Peter Bergen

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed: Can We Build a Politics of Hope?»

«MERIP»: «Palestine on the Brink of Crisis» by Colin Powers

«Tablet»: «Switzerland: The Happiest Place on Earth » by David Samuels

..........Kalenderwoche 28..........

«The Guardian»: «’For Europe to survive, its economy needs to survive’: Angela Merkel interview in full» by Philip Oltermann

«The Guardian»: «Trust, patience and hard work: how Jürgen Klopp transformed Liverpool» by Andy Hunter

«The Guardian»: «There’s another pandemic stalking Britain: hunger» by John Harris

«The Guardian»: «Is the Trump family destroying Donald’s presidency from the insise?» by Arwa Mahdawi

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: «Facebook v. Twitter: how to handle Donald Trump?»

«The Guardian»: «Riots helped elect Nixon in 1968. Can Trump profit from fear and loathing too?» by Ed Pilkington

«The Guardian»: «The long read –  ‘A chain of stupidity’: the Skripal case and the decline of Russia’s spy agencies » by Luke Harding

«The Observer»: «If Donald Trump’s down, how dirty will he fight?» by Simon Tisdall

«London Review of Books»: «Warrior Librarians» by Neil Ascherson

«Rolling Stone»: «Why Planting Treets Won’t Save Us» by Jeff Goodell

«Rolling Stone»: «Why Policing Is Broken» by Matt Taibbi

«Vanity Fair»: «Will Britain’s Twin Crisis Crush Boris Johnson ?» by Isobel Thompson

«Vanity Fair»: «Inside the Cult of Trump» by Jeff Shalett (text) & Bruce Gilden (photographs)

«Vanity Fair»: «The Parallel Universe of Ivanka Trump, America’s Disassociated Princess» by Emily Jane Fox

«Conscientious»: «The print, the book, the screen»

«rest of the world»: «Eye in the sky» by Monica Jha

«PoliceOne»: «Book Excerpt: On Sheep. Wolves, and Sheepdogs» by Dave Grossman

«The Intercept»: «Maria Ressa’s Libel Conviction Is a Blow to Press Freedom » by James Risen

«The Intercept»: «John Bolton Is Telling the Truth, But Let’s Not Forget His Horrible, Dangerous Career » by Jon Schwarz

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of a Warming Planet: A Disasterous Summer in the Arctic» by Carolyn Kormann

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Medicine: The Promise and the Peril of Virtual Healthcare» by John Seabrook

«The New Yorker»: «Letter from Israel: In Search of King David’s Lost Empire» by Ruth Margalit

«The New York Review of Books»: «American Facism: It Has Happened Here» by Sarah Churchwell

«The New York Review of Books»: «Biden’s Journey Left» by Michael Tomasky

«The New York Times»: «Can Covid Damage the Brain? » by Melinda Wenner Moyer

«The New York Times»: «Gay Rights Are Civil Rights» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «America, This Is Your Chance» by Michelle Alexander

«The New York Times»: «Three Futures for the Police» by Ross Douthat

«The New York Times»: «The Triumph of Merseyball: How Liverpool Won the Premier League» by Rory Smith

«The New York Times»: «How Giant Ships Are Built» by Christopher Payne (photographs) & Niraj Chockshi

«The New York Times»: «Li Zhensheng, China’s Photographer of the Cultural Revolition, Dies at 79» by Amy Qin

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Jon Stewart Is Back to Weigh In» by David Marchese (text) & Bobby Doherty (photograph)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Rebel Physicist Trying to Fix Quantum Mechanics» by Bob Henderson

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Trump Didn’t Send In the Troops. They Were Already There» by C. J. Chivers

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Black America:  It’s Time for Reparations» by Nikole Hannah-Jones

«The New York Times Magazine»: «A Governor on Her Own, With Everything at Stake» by Jonathan Mahler

«The Washington Post»: «The pandemic isn’t over. But America sure seems over it» by Dan Zak

«The Washington Post»: «George Floyd’s death shows exactly what police should not do» by Seth W. Stoughton, Jeffrey J. Noble & Geoffrey Alpert

..........Kalenderwoche 26 + 27..........

«The Guardian»: «Are they gone for good? Trump supporters who regret their vote» by Matthew Teague

«The Guardian»: «Think Trump is bad? President Tom Cotton would be even more terrifying» by Arwa Mahdawi

«The Guardian»: «The long read: how Hong Kong caught fire» by Tania Branigan & Lily Kuo

«The Guardian»: «After 15 stunning days of anti-racist protests…what happens next?» by Ed Pilkington

«The Guardian»: «Coronavirus gives a terrifying glimpse of the future – and highlights a chilling paradox» by Jeff Sparrow

«The Guardian»: «Museum of Covid-19: the story of the crisis told through everyday objects» by Oliver Wainwright

«The Guardian»: «Podcast - The sounds of melting icebergs and whale songs: a journey into Antarctica»

«The Guardian»: «What lies beneath: our love affair with living underwater» by Chris Michael

«The Guardian»: «The long read: ’I was completely unperepared’ confronting my sister’s death» by John Troyer

«The Atlantic»: «History Will Judge the Complicit» by Anne Applebaum

«The New York Review of Books»: «What Black America Means to Europe» by Gary Younge

«The New York Reveiw of Books»: «Ransacking the Republic» by Walter M. Shaub Jr.

«The New York Review of Books»: «Uncertainty Rules as Beijing Asserts Control» by Lavender Au

«The New York Review of Books»: «Democracy’s Red Line» by Hari Kunzru

«The New Yorker»: «How Do We Change America?» by Keeanga Yammahta Taylor

«The New Yorker»: «Fiction: Pursuit As Happiness» by Ernest Hemingway

«City Journal »: «The Gospel According to Peter Thiel» by Tara Isabella Burton

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed: Is It Time to Defund the Police?»

«Vox»: «America is changing, and so is the media» by Ezra Klein

«Foreign Policy»: «China Has Two Paths to Global Domination» by Hal Brands & Jake Sullivan

«GQ»: «The Soldier’s Last Taboo» by Jonathan Heaf

«The New York Times»: «A Portrait of America That Sill Haunts Decades Later» by Arthur Lubow

«The New York Times»: «Bob Dylan Has a Lot on His Mind» by Douglas Brinkley

«The New York Times»: «The World Is on Fire’: Artists Respond to the Protets » by Antonio de Luca & Jaspal Riyait

«The New York Times»: «The Real Danger of Surveillance» by Shira Ovide

«The New York Times»: « After 34 Years, Sweden Says It Knows the Killer of Olaf Palme» by Thomas Erdbrink & Christian Anderson

«The New York Times»: «Joe Biden, Emissary of Grief » by Katie Glueck & Matt Flegenheimer

«The New York Times»: «Why Does Trump Lie?» by Michael Tomasky

«The New York Times»: «Police the Public, or Protect It ? For a U. S. in Crisis, Hard Lessons from Other Countries» by Amanda Taub

«The New York Times»: «Europe Resurfaces to Find Odd Mix of the Familiar and the Alien» by Laetitia Vancon (photographs) & Patrick Kingsley (text)

«The New York Times»: «The Economy Is Reeling. The Tech Giants Spy Opportunity» by Mike Isaac

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Police Reform Is Necessary. But How Do We Do It? » by Emily Bazelon

«The New York Times Magazine»: «How Architecture Could Help Us Adapt to the Pandemic » by Kim Tingley

«The New York Times Magazine»: « Can a Vaccine for Covid-19 Be Developed in Record Time ? » by Siddhartha Mukherrje

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Remembering Larry Kramer»

«The New York Times Style Magazine»: «Black Male Writers for Our Time» by Ayana Mathis

«The New York Times Style Magazine»: «15 Books to Read by Black Female Writers»

«The Washington Post»: «Investigations: The crackdown before Trump’s photo-op» by Dalton Bennett, Sarah Cahlan. Aaron C. Davies & Joyce Lee

«The Washington Post»: «The economist who could save the world» by Ishaan Tharoor

..........Kalenderwoche 25..........

«Pew Research Center»: «10 Things We Know about Race and Policing in the U.S.» by Drew Desilver, Michael Lipka & Dalia Fahmy

«The New York Times»: «We Are Watching History Unfold in Real Time» by Charlie Warzel

«The New York Times» : «Argument: Can Riots Force Change» with Frank Bruni, Ross Douhat & Michelle Goldberg

«The New York Times»: «Will Protests Set Off a Second Viral Wave?» by Roni Caryn Rabin

«The New York Times»: «The Supreme Court, Too, Is on the Brinks » by Linda Greenhouse

«The New York Times»: «Annexing the West Bank Is a Brazen Violation of International Law» by The Editorial Board

«The New York Times»: «Dear America: We Watch Your Convulsions with Horror and Hope» by Rick Gladstone

«The New York Times»: «Monster or Machine? A Portrait of the Coronavirus at 6 Months» by Alan Burdick

«The New York Times Magazine»: «The Eerie Sound of Sports Without Fans» by Jody Rosen

«The New York Times Magazine»: «William Barr’s State of emergency» by Mattathias Schwartz

«The New York Times Magazine»: «At War: His Family Fled Syria. He Didn’t Cry Until He Heard About His Sisters» by Alia Malek

«The New Yorker»: «Trump Plays Macho Man As America Burns» by Susan B. Glasser

«The New Yorker»: «The Most Mendacious President in U.S. History» by Susan B. Glasser

«The New Yorker»: «Fury at America and Its Values Spreads Globally» by Robin Wright

«The New Yorker»: «Is America Becoming a Banana Republic?» by Robin Wright

«The New Yorker»: «Trump’s Public-Relations Army» by Dexter Filkins

«The New Yorker»: «Letter from Reykjavik: How Iceland Neat the Corona Virus» by Elizabeth Kolbert

«The New Yorker»: «Annals of Inquiry: Why Remote Work Is So Hard – and How It Can Be Fixed» by Cal Newport

«The New Yorker»: «The Art World: Edward Hopper and American Solitide» by Peter Schjedahl

«The Washington Post»: «Absurd America: The ever-growing list of what black people cannot do without risking their lives» by Sergio Pençanha

«The Washington Post Magazine»: «Visualizing Racism» by Eugene Robinson (introduction)

«The Guardian»: «Fighting the racism that killed George Flyod requires more than hashtags» by Nesrine Malik

«The Guardian»: «A boot is crushing the neck of American democracy» by Cornel West

«The Guardian» : «America isn’t breaking. It was already broken, and these are just the symptoms» by Andrew Gawthorpe

«The Guardian»: «’Everyone is in that fine line between life and death’: inside Everest’s deadliest queue» by Amelia Gentleman

«The Guardian»: «Into our recent archive: here are 25 recommended long sport reads » by Guardian Sport

«The Guardian»: «Why are some US police forces equipped like military units?» by Niko Kommenda & Ashley Kirk

«The Guardian»: «’I’m getting shot’: attacks on journalists surge in US protests» by Michael SafI, Caelainn Barr, Niamh McI ntyre, Pamela Duncan & Sam Cutler

«The Guardian»: «‘For climate protesters, we are like filth’: the German village where coal is still king » by Anna Saraste

«The Guardian»: «The long read: The power of crowds » by Dan Hancox

«London Review of Books» : «Trump’s War on America » by Adam Shatz

«Rolling Stone»: «American Plague» by Jamil Smith

«Columbia Journalism Review»: «The Real Apprentice» by Mark Cronin

«The Intercept»: «Deconstructed: Is This the Reichtag’s Fire Moment?»

«The Intercept»: «Donald Trump Is an Autocrat. It’s Up to All of Us to Stop Him» by James Risen

«The Atlantic»: «History Will Judge the Complicit» by Anne Applebaum

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«The Atlantic»: «Is This the Worst Year in American History?» by James Fallows

«The New Yorker»: «An American Uprising» by David Remnick

«The New Yorker»: «Reflections: Letter from a Region in My Mind» by James Baldwin (1962)

«The New York Review of Books»: «A Letter to my Sister, Angela Davis» by James Baldwin (1970)

«The New York Review of Books»: «Black Lives and the Police» by Darryl Pickney

«The New York Times»: «America Is a Tinderbox » by Michelle Goldberg

«The New York Times»: «Why Is Police Brutality Still Happening?» by Spencer Bokat-Lindell

«The New York Times»: «How the Supreme Court Lets Cops Get Away with Muder» by The Editorial Board

«The Guardian»: «The long read: ’Extremist cops’: how US law enforcement is failing to police itself» by Naddy Crowell & Sylvia Varnham O’Regan

«The Intercept»: «Mehdi Hassan and Ilhan Omar on Police Brutality and the Murder of George Flyod»

«The New York Times»: «President Trump Is a Doughnut » by Roger Cohen

«Foreign Affairs»: «America’s Original Sin» by Annette Gordon-Reed

«The New Yorker»: «The New Theatrics of Online Therapy» by Adam Gopnik

«The New Yorker»: «Letter from San Francisco: A Window Onto an American Nightmare» by Nathan Heller

«The New Yorker»: «Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Spitting on Other People» by Masha Gessen

«The New York Times»: «How We Broke the World» by Thomas L. Friedman

«The New York Times»: «Do My Tweets Really Threaten China’s National Security?» by Jimmy Lai

«The New York Times»: «The ‘Liberal World Order’ Was Built with Blood» by Vincent Bevins

«The New York Times»: «SpaceXLaunch Opens an New Space Age and Rekindles Old Glory» by Kenneth Chang

«The New York Times»: «Europe Dispatch: A Mile-Long Line in Geneva, One of the World’s Richest Cities» by Patrick Kingsley & Laetitia Vancon

«The New York Times»: «A Continent Reopens» by Patrick Kingsley (text & Laetitia Vancon (photogaphs

«The New York Times»: «Atget’s Paris, 100 Years Later» by Eugène Atget and Mauricio Lima (photographs) & by Adam Nossiter (text)

«The New York Times»: «Inside Gang Territory in Honduras» by Azam Ahmed (text) & Taylor Hicks (photographs)

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Can America’s Middle Class Be Saved from a New Depression?» by Matthew Desmond

«The New York Times Magazine»: «What Is the Stock Market Even für Anymore?» by Michael Steinberger

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Amazon’s Big Breakdown» by John Herrman

«The New York Times Magazine»: «Scenes from an Economic Collapse»  by The New York Times Magazine

«The New York Times Style Magazine»: «Follow the Silk Road Book by Book»

«The Guardian»: «The long read: How press freedom worldwide is under threat?» by Gill Phillips

«The Guardian»: «The Minnesota paradox: how race divides prosperous Minneapolis » by Peter Beaumont

«The Guardian»: «This is what America looks like review – Ilhan Omar inspires and fires up» by Charles Kaiser

«The Guardian»: «’I’m stuck in limbo’: will the Covid-generation of young people face long-term fallout» by Sirin Kale

«The Guardian»: «Podcast: Is the UK headed for a no deal?»

«The Guardian»: «Who is Dominic Cummings, and why has his lockdown car trip convulsed UK politics?» by Martin Farrer

«The Guardian»: «The Long Read: The man in the iron lung» by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

«The Guardian»: «’You have to respond forcefully’: can Joe Biden fight Trump’s brutal tactics?» by Lauren Gambino

«Wired» : «Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool to Map Your Social Network» by Barton Gellman

«ProPublica»: «The Big Story: 100'000 Lives Lost to Covid-19. What Did They Teach Us?» by Caeoline Chen


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